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Al Rageh International Consulting and Trading open the doors to unparalleled success in the global business landscape. With a specialization in International Consulting and Public Relations, I bring a distinct blend of skills and experiences to the forefront, guiding our company towards providing comprehensive Import and Export services, along with Market Entry support for German and European companies exploring opportunities in the Middle East.

Our expertise spans a diverse range of sectors, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our focus is on facilitating seamless business operations and fostering successful international collaborations.

Areas of expertise

At Al Rageh International Consulting and Trading, we believe in a unique approach to our work. Recognizing that people don't buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic. We strive to create meaningful connections, share compelling stories, and bring a touch of magic to every collaboration.

Embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success with Al Rageh International Consulting and Trading. Let's build a future of successful international partnerships together.

Euro-Arab International Trade

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Government and Public Sector

Garment and Textiles from Egypt

Mining and Quarrying Sector

Road Construction & Infrastructure

Project Logistics and Shipping Services

Business Services Within Arab Countries

Steel Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication

Customs Clearance Services in Egypt & Saudi Arabia

Clients & Trusted Partners

In the realm of international expertise and commercial excellence, we have established meaningful connections across cultures and continents. With a robust background in law and business, fueled by a passion for global trade, we offer a distinctive blend of skills in every interaction. By adeptly bridging communication gaps, we facilitate links between diverse cultures, laying the foundations for successful international collaborations